Thursday, March 27, 2008

Go Canada

Reason #74 why no one cares about music awards…

2008 Canadian Artist of the Year Award nominees (Junos): Avril Lavigne; Celine Dion; Feist; Michael Buble; Pascale Picard. One can only hope that Ms. Dion and that Buble guy claw each other to death back stage. Or, at least, “to the pain”.

But wait! Surely the Juno Awards can, at a minimum, be predictors of future success…or at least respectability… or at least offer up people who we would have heard of some eight-odd years later!?! Ah, no… Best New Artist nominees, Year 2000: Tal Bachman; Tory Cassis; Tara Lyn Hart; Joran; Ivana Santilli.

This is better....
Video :: Peace of Mind by Grapes of Wrath

Former Grape Tom Hooper now lives, and plays the occasional live set accompanied by his son on drums, on Saltspring Island.

More Juno non-trivia… 1985 Group of the Year nominees: The Parachute Club (winner); Helix; Honeymoon Suite; Strange Advance; Triumph

Woo hoo!!!

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