Thursday, February 28, 2013

Good Song...

they're doing it wrong:

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

this cunted circus never ends

the best song from the past 10 years...

Arab Strap :: The Shy Retirer

I lost my social skills a while ago
but now I feel them coming back.

My eyes were rolling when we met
and now they are preparing for attack.

I want to fall in love tonight
and form the perfect unbreakable bond.

You can be my teenage Jenny Agutter,
swimming naked in a pond.

You know I’m always moaning
but you jump-start my serotonin.

But how do you know you’ve ever really loved?

The song gets the censored treatment here but... Aiden plays with toys, fillets a fish, shows off judo skills, throws darts dangerously ::

Friday, February 1, 2013

Or Is He More In To Young Girls With Dyed Black Hair?


Woman lip synch's to The Knife's Pass This On in front of an odd collection of on-lookers in what looks like a Soviet Russia clubhouse. An intrigued guy joins in. What's with Soviet Russia these days? All those oddball youtube videos and car crashes.

"Woman" should have quotes around it.

The Knife
Deep Cuts

Now I get it... the main dancing guy is Olof, one half of The Knife (though he looks about 16 here). The woman giving the "I'm in love with your brother" singing she-male the stink eye is his sister Karin, the other half of the Swedish brother-sister act.