Tuesday, February 5, 2013

this cunted circus never ends

the best song from the past 10 years...

Arab Strap :: The Shy Retirer

I lost my social skills a while ago
but now I feel them coming back.

My eyes were rolling when we met
and now they are preparing for attack.

I want to fall in love tonight
and form the perfect unbreakable bond.

You can be my teenage Jenny Agutter,
swimming naked in a pond.

You know I’m always moaning
but you jump-start my serotonin.

But how do you know you’ve ever really loved?

The song gets the censored treatment here but... Aiden plays with toys, fillets a fish, shows off judo skills, throws darts dangerously ::


Rachel said...

Well, actually, they play fine if I just click over to watch them directly on YouTube, but they don't have audio from your blog. ? Just FYI. Not sure if it will be the same for others.

mesmith said...

hmmm - i'll check this out. no issues here. maybe its an american thing. you should move to canada.