Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Chip Chip

Someone standing on a stage, crouching behind a laptop, may not be your average Led Zeppelin fan’s vision of the proper historical progression of live music, but it is increasingly becoming the norm. In bizzaro-land indie circles that is. Plug in an iPod and a Game Boy and you have a full-blown band! Apparently there is a name for the blip-squeak-blooping sounds that emanate from laptop, various electronics and a Game Boy: chip/ bitpop. Sexy huh?

Chip/ bitpop is, at least, what one sixteen year old Swede, who goes by the name of Super Multifaros, refers to his Game Boy creations. The following, particularly fine, example of this music is the best darn thing I’ve heard all week (though I have, admittedly, hit a bit of a dry patch):

Song :: The Factory by Super Multifaros

Super says that, for a wee commission, he will gladly score for you some “hardcore” video game music should you have, you know, just completed programming your very own video game.

To further solidify my geekdom... there is a Bitpop/ chipmusic festival in Sweden in a couple of weeks that looks pretty cool. fsFreak does the theme song to the excellent digital poster:

Song :: About you now by Sugababes, remixed by fsFreak

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Schuyler said...

That is so cool!! Man I can get Electroplankton to say my name backwards. I seriously lack chip/ bitpop skills.