Saturday, September 20, 2008

September Video Roundup

Halfway through this video I thought "love the Basia, love the music... crap video". But in the end everybody's actions mean something - not much - but something. And that's a good thing.
Video :: The Pilgriming Vine by Basia Bulat

Ambient dream music, AND the video increases your carbon credits. Mega!
Video :: Collapsing at your Doorstep by Air france

Oooh, still loving those 8-bit gameboy tunes. I'm From Barcelona collaborator Adventure Kid:
Video :: De Lorean Motor Company by Adventure Kid


Rachel said...

Um, hello? Is anybody out there? Have you no new music for us? It has been a long time since you James concert summary (okay, I know that was posted elsewhere), no raves about one new song from a particular artist who you may just like after all, no funny Obama music videos featuring bacon?

Craig said...

yeah, i appear to be on some sort of lack-of-inspiration inspired hiatus. oh, and i have no time...