Friday, September 11, 2009

I think about this world a lot - and I cry

Video :: You are the everything by REM for MoveOn (We Can’t Afford to Wait)

Why is this simply not a no brainer to all sane Americans who are not associated with any pharmaceutical or health insurance company?

Me Canadian. je ne comprends pas.

Do you know how much we love our universal public health care in this country? In 2004, we voted Tommy Douglas, the father of medicare, as the greatest Canadian ever. Gretzky came a lowly 10th!

Also, today when I noticed a headline that the Obama “you lie” heckler has raised over $200,000 I thought ,“what a splendid gesture, transforming your buffoon-based infamy into charitable donations... lovely”. Turns out, however, that the money raised is for himself. The dude aims to translate his new found glory status into cold, hard campaign financing. What, me apologize?

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