Monday, November 9, 2009

This one never really understood the 80s is over

Video Roundup...

This is your standard video format here (though with a minor twist at the end) but nonetheless... the first official video from fun. Finally.
Video :: All the pretty girls by fun.

The Pixies are touring Doolittle and sounding pretty decent (four free new live tracks available here via the usual circuitous route.) Live last Friday on Conan:
Video :: Here comes your man (live, 2009) by The Pixies

Mozzer got hit with a plastic cup two nights ago in Liverpool, on song number two, and immediately abandoned the show. Fans were not amused:
Video :: (18 seconds of) Black Cloud by Morrissey

No words can describe the brilliance:
Video :: Beat it (MJ cover) by Pomplamoose

This wouldn’t happen at one of those boring (and unhygienic) American football matches... While watching this live, it all seemed rather surreal and bizarre. But having viewed it again since this clip has gone viral, it now appears somewhat normal:
Video :: Orally responsible lad at footie match

Commentator :: "So you're in the football stadium, you have had your pie, you brush your teeth. I mean where do you rinse, or gargle?"


Rachel said...

Geez, those life size pinatas and their demise are gonna stick with me almost as much as the opening destruction of an innocent piano.

And it might be worth noting that the plastic cup that hit Mozzer was filled with a beverage. I guess he didn't really feel much love coming from that cup.

But on a happier note, Yay! The Pixies!

mesmith said...

i'm sure he deserved having that piano wrecked just for trying to be stylish in that fireman's jacket.

i don't know what to think about Moz these days. He's obviously not feeling right (collapsed on stage a couple weeks back). His people claimed he was hit with a beer bottle though it has now been confirmed as a plastic beer cup. A bit dramatic - but then that is his allure. Money was given back.

The Pixies roll on - hopefully they'll succumb to the calls for a new album.

Rachel said...

Yeah, but that sweet little piano ain't done nothing to nobody.

memet said...

Is it just me or does anyone else think the Pamplemouse gal looks like Rachel?