Thursday, January 31, 2013

In Which James Gets Arrested At The End

Getting my non-electronic on... it's Yo La Tengo's excellent and under-stated new song "I'll Be Around". The video features a tortilla soup recipe. It is not everyday a video features a tortilla soup recipe. Then the big guy from the band gets picked up by the cops. Spoiler alert. Oh, and Georgia needs a hair brush.

Alright, soft, subtle music time's over - back to electronicness... The Knife have finally come up with new material not from an opera and there's lots to look forward to with their new album due in April. Song's good but 10 minutes in length - come on... who has 10 minutes anymore? The video is long, strange and even a little too Swedish for me so no embed here.

I think I may have found the long sought after new identity for this site - commenting on new music I have no intention of sharing. Enjoy!

All I need when I die is someone to bluntly say "I can see my friend no more, he's gone for good". You Say Party's drummer died a few years back from a brain hemorrhage and now they've sung just that. I don't care if sadly uplifting's not a real thing - this is sadly uplifting:

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