Saturday, December 14, 2013

Possibly The Best Video Of The Year

Scottish instrumental band Mogwai add some vocoder/ make some lovely music..


A second-by-second run-through... lovely waves. where is this? MOGWAI!. love Mogwai; name of song... makes no sense. love it; on land now. tropical? yup; ooh excellent - silvery hooded woman walks lonely road; never seen that before!?! guy fidgets in room; likes masks apparently; smiley masks; baldy man walks strangely; its nighttime; freshly shaved head? silvery hooded woman still walking; no longer in middle of nowhere; videographer keeps his distance; gymnasts practicing; wtf? tropical, foggy, daylight scene; silvery hooded woman still walking; pretty sure this is Hawaii; her calfs are probably nicely developed; yup; masks! dude tries them on; gymnasts! stalked by freshly shaved-head guy; he looks angular; ex-gynmnast or freaky stalker? mask man walks in yard; pretends to speak into a non existent walkie talkie; ooh - eccentric mask guy; bamboo! what's he up to? gymnasts are spinning; mask raised to the sky on bamboo; mask man drives bamboo into ground by hand; strong, strong mask man; silvery hood woman finds barren, volcanic landscape; videographer gets arty; is she not tired? she should be wearing steel-toed boots; yes mask man, you're very strong, time for a new hat though; not-so-creepy masks on sticks; creepy, sweaty out-of-focus gymnasts; mask man shows off his unlit light bulb; it's dirty; gymnasts are making me dizzy; also, they're flat chested; ooh, close up of silvery woman sans hood; she's admiring a sunset; that's not a sunset! she's walking toward the non sunset; stay safe silvery non-hooded woman; fini.. bonus: a grave; in Africa?

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