Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Down with Sweden... Up with People

I have a secret… the real reason postings have lagged of late is that I have forsaken Indie Pop for Christian Folk. The light doth shine upon me and I’m a bit shy about it!!!

As stated on their folksy, needle-point-with-Grandma inspired sleeve, The Welcome Wagon is simply a pastor and his wife singing sacred folk songs for all ages. Only thing is, this particular pastor and wife combo happen to be friends with boy wonder Sufjan Stevens and he of the famed 50 States project has got his paws all over this. The Welcome Wagon’s worship-themed ditties and (Sufjan-inspired) horns, glocks, banjo strumming and layered vocals (gospel choir!?) combined with Sufjan’s over-the-top arrangements and masterful production credentials works amazingly well.

Only released yesterday, "Welcome to..." is surely a late entrant for the famed FBS album of the year top 10. But with a toddler and a congregation to tend to, don’t expect to see the Wagon rolling into a town near you anytime soon.

Song :: Sold! To The Nice Rich Man by The Welcome Wagon

Bonus :: Unbelievably, their version of “Half A Person” is the best Smiths cover I have ever heard. In fact, their original and clever take on the song puts all other bands who have tried to rekindle The Smiths to shame. And them’s fightin’ words!

Song :: Half A Person (The Smiths cover) by The Welcome Wagon

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