Saturday, March 7, 2009

We drove to the sea

Was about to rant (again) about how the Coldplays, Elbows, Doves, Keanes and Snow Patrols of this world - while engineering some pop perfection over the years - rarely offer anything original or truly inspired, but then I watched the new Doves video for Kingdom of Rust and had to eat those thoughts. Sure on its own, Kingdom of Rust is simply an everyday pop song but the capacity that visuals, and a bit of a story, has to transform a song can be powerful. Not that this story - journey across country/ free a loved ones ashes/ cry - hasn't been told before... so maybe its the sweeping views of one of my favorite places on earth that captured me. "Distant sound of thunder, moving out on the moor..."

Video :: Kingdom of Rust by Doves

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Scotty said...

I became enamored with the Doves (or Just Doves, as they referred to themselves) after their Lost Souls record... mostly due to the lovely guitar noises and blurps. this culminated in taking in a Minneapolis show in '02, supporting their Last Broadcast album. one of my favorite mpls show memories. Go, Just Doves, Go!