Friday, January 4, 2008

My NMEs (and Mikrofisch)

I’m not a big fan of the pigeonholing or labelling that circles the world of pop music but I have been known to follow a popular, labelled-to-death genre or two. Although, while “Shoe-gazing” was tightly defined by fuzzy guitars and the literal gazing at shoes (as opposed to looking out at the audience) and “Twee” has its gentle harmonies and thinking-person’s persona, labels such as “Britpop” and “80’s music” inherently mean nothing.

The marketing of the music “industry”, led in the UK by past-their-prime rags like the NME, creates sub-groups and over-promotes bands (and subsequently dumps them) for the sole purpose of shifting units. Thankfully, this master-plot is coming undone through “the wonders of the digital age”! And... straight from that digital realm come minnows Mikrofisch, an electronic, low-fi duo with Germanic roots that so happen to sport a few desirable songs…

Song :: The Kids are all Shite by Mikrofisch“Coldplay, Keane and Kaiser Chiefs/ Kasabian, Jet and Razorlight/ Kings of Leon, Dead 60’s: the kids are all shite”

In reference to the above lyrics, I will admit to purchasing multiple albums from both Coldplay and Keane, and I also have to admit that, after repeated listening of both bands’ “piano-rock”, their music adds up to not much more than boring, mindless drivel. And that’s not to say that I don’t like boring, mindless drivel ‘cause I do. I just don’t need for piano-rock to spawn a thousand imitators. The other bands listed in Mikrofisch’s shite diatribe can pretty much be summed up as one-time darlings of the music tabloid brigade (ie: the next, best thing). Known as “garage-rock” bands, they also share that shouty, return-to-guitar-rock-but-in-a-fake-kinda-way popularized by groups like Franz Ferdinand and any number of bands sporting matching outfits.

Meanwhile, you can download Mikrofisch’s entire, non-drively album for free from their website. One small iota of proof that them corporate walls keep-a-crumblin’ and that an unheralded band like Mikrofisch can put their money where their drum machine is.


Schuyler said...

Mikrofisch is popping out our house. David spent last night perusing through ebay for yamaha and korg keyboards. Good ol' memory lane, back in the days when New Order lit his world and he owned a Roland Juno 106. He misses his Roland Juno 106.

Thank you!

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