Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The ugly and the good

Stop me if you think that you've heard this one before

Here's a classic example of a young band trying a little too hard. Jerky body movements, over-the-top fringe and related hair stylings, "ironic" mustache and, worse of all, overused high-torso guitar positioning (don't these boys know that that will cause all sorts of long-term tendon damage by the time they're 40!?!). The song is kinda catchy though not that original these days (but worth the effort) and at least the flapper girls make some interesting birdies with their hands... but that's about it.

Song :: Balloons by Foals
Video :: Balloons by Foals

"crazy-ass socialist swedes" (or so they say?)

Foals could really learn a thing or two from Scandinavia. Here's the simple beauty (audio and visual) of Iron and Rust by Sweden's Pinto... featuring handclaps.. which, though soon to be relegated to the "overused" bin, are not only integral but hugely appropriate given the finger-context of the video.

Video :: Iron and Rust by Pinto (w/Anna Järvinen)

Song :: All or nothing by Pinto
Song :: I can't feel my heart by Pinto


Kevin said...

Man, that crow is talented!

Frank said...


As a music lover you simply *must* do the randomly-created album cover meme. Find it on Zenmomma's blog or Kelli's or even mine.

The amusement potential is high.