Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Hope Your Guardian Genius

Media-shy Morganza To The Gulf are set to release “hope your guardian genius” on Seattle's 2nd Best Coffee label. Although no one has ever heard their music, this emo band’s debut is surely bound to please. After all, they describe themselves as mixing witty, razor-sharp lyrics with masterfully precise emocore notes - all wrapped up in a zydeco-infused sensibility that does not betray their Louisiana roots. Plus, they are said to wear furry costumes like, 24-7!

Catch them on tour now in the Outer Hebrides. And look for them performing in May at LifeisGoodapalooza with fellow emo darlings Nitzana, grunge rockers Hyperion Wastewater Treatment Plant, art-house minimalists La Vie en Rose, industrial krautrockers (via Pakistan!) Moder Gorob and zany alt-punk-metal dudes Buff-headed Coucal. These bands rule the (un)school.

No MP3s are currently available but here’s a lyric sampler from the titular track…

“Plastic signs
Sorting times
Blinds are boxing up the lines
hope your guardian genius

Mixing must
Eternal rust
Flailing pixies in the dust
hope your guardian genius

We betray! Hope your guardian genius
We delay! Hope your guardian genius


Frank said...

Ha! I'll gladly take the blame for this. The music at LifeisGoodapalooza should be awesome! Maybe at NCN we can have a small prepalooza jam session.

Nous jamons!

Hmmmnnn. Does that sound more like we're cured hams than musicians?

kelli said...

OMG, that's too funny. I was reading along thinking "oh, this must be a new band Craig found" Then I see LifeisGoodapalooza... that should have given it away, right?


I then think, "man, I didn't know they were having more than Amy there?" I keep reading and then...

I FINALLY get it, upon seeing MY band.

ugh...I think I need to sleep *g*

balloonatikmama said...

"the titular track…"

my tea spewed there,
geez craig, gotta get the keyboard cleaned, again!