Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I love the balloons and I love the footie, but in a recent FA cup game, balloons and soccer became inextricably linked. Its not unusual for players to be forced to dodge items thrown from the stands: pennies, flares, bags of urine... and often reams of toilet paper or streamers can impede play to some extent. But this might be a first: balloons tossed by Manchester City fans contributed significantly to a goal against their beloved side. The defender did not know which orb to swing his boot at!


Here's a young 'un with a whole heap o talent:Adele (Hometown Glory). Even if she does allow her handlers to plunk her on a London rooftop on a frigid day.


Some nifty family photos with even niftier colour commentary (the rest of this blogsite is worth the trip too).


Fun video of the day: Video :: Brunettes Against Bubblegum Youth by The Brunettes

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Just so you know, I have replaced your missing link back onto my blog. Never let it be said that I cruelly cause a change in your carefully planned blogging habits. ;-)