Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Celine for President in 2012

my first image-free post... for obvious reasons:

Scott Feschuk, in his annual "words to add to the dictionary" column, has come up with this hum-dinger...

celine n. the fear that a longstanding blight on one's country, who for years has been safely ensconced outside one's national borders, may now be tempted to return: Citing a growing nationwide celine, the prime minister ordered immigration officers to apprehend William Shatner on sight.

Celine Dion is from Quebec. Not Canada. She says so herself. So blame Quebec for her being unleashed upon America. And blame Las Vegas for allowing her to recently terminate her self-imposed incarceration where she could only harm those who harm themselves.

Stereogum has posted a timely anti-Celine clip but even though it makes glorious fun of her I couldn't sit through the entire thing. After all, it features not only her but That. Voice.

Campaigning for a better Canada in '08... Campaigning for Celine's singular American citizenship... This is FBS, signing off...


Frank said...

But the good folks of South Park told us red-blooded Americans to "blame Canada!" And as a displaced Cajun, I think I'm supposed to feel some fraternite (American keyboard - no accent aigu) for my Quebequois brothers. As a pilot, I know I'm supposed to say the letter Q as "Quebec" and pronounce it with a hard "K" for the "que".

I'm just so confused.

But I do wish y'all would take her back. Please?

We'll keep Neil Young if you don't mind. A singer whose vocal skills I can match!

mesmith said...

That's not a trade we're willing to make. Next thing you know you'll be wanting us to take Pam Anderson back. We'll just look at her from afar thanks.