Thursday, November 22, 2007


Detektivbyrån, from Göteborg, Sweden, describe themselves as "glockenspiel ´n´ accordion on top of fuzzy beats, swinging hugs and sweet respect. Detektivbyrån is as honest as it's possible to be nowadays. Detektivbyrån is simply Music All Inclusive."

Within seconds of playing the "music box" version of Hem Ljuva Hem, the Goose was literally waltzing across the room, arms stretched wide. Lovely:
MP3 Hem Ljuva Hem [Music Box] by Detektivbyrån

And here's some fun, frenetic, accordion-fueled, Swedish carnival music for the time-traveller in all of us. Everyone's tourist videos should look like this...

VIDEO Lyckans Undulate by Detektivbyrån
MP3 Lyckans Undulate by Detektivbyrån

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Anonymous said...

I heard their song Nattoppet on the radio back in April and I have been trying to find out who they were for the past almost 8 months. I just found out the name of that song and the band today. I am so excited. I have been listening to their music for the last hour and I want to buy their album Hemvagen. I can't find anywhere that sells it though. Do you know where I can find it? please email me at

Thank you so much,