Monday, November 19, 2007

It's a Spice, Spice World

Caution: Guilty Pleasure Alert... I own Melanie C's first solo album and I listen to it once in a while (I like her voice, alright... give me a break!). Here's the former Ms. Sporty Spice's finest moment... VIDEO I turn to you by Melanie C.

As for Sporty's more popular former/current "band" mate, Posh - well, its hard to have anything but negative amounts of respect for her these days. But before all the surgeries and those massive sunglasses, at least, she did in fact have a sense of humour as shown here in this piss-taking "interview" she and her hubby did with Borat's hip-hopping alter-ego, Ali G.

Now, Posh's boytoy Becks... there's someone I do have a lot of respect for (on the field). Here's a pic of my friend Michelle with her new, backpack sporting boyfriend who she met at the airport on a recent trip from Vancouver to Disneyland. She got her kids to act cute and get his attention and then summarily cropped the kids out of the photo (and yes, the only point of a Sporty Spice blogpost is to show off this picture)!

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diana(hahamommy) said...

I just wanna bake her a cake... though I'm afraid she'd just puke it up after. She was funny as her plastic, anorexic self on Ugly Betty a couple of weeks ago. I can't wait to see her at 75, wrinkled neck waddling on the ever-perky boobies! hee hee
And yeah, I'd totally use my kids the same way ;)