Sunday, April 27, 2008

Crystal Castles

In case there is any doubt regarding who the best new band over the past year is...

Song :: Crimewave by Crystal Castles

Here's the first minute and a half of Crystal Castles' "Black Panther":
Video Teaser :: Black Panther (now with 100% more lederhosen)


Anonymous said...

oh my god that video was freakin hilarious

Schuyler said...

They just played in Norwich. If I'd known I'd have invited you to come and stay. Next time... When they tour with James, or maybe not. But David got to feel very cool on Tuesday when he went into HMV and asked for Crystal Castles. Apparently they are in the dance section.

Oh, and today is my designated comment on this blog day.

mesmith said...

Yeah David - way to support those poor, starving Canadian artists!