Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Swedes to keep an eye on

Gothenburg's Love Is All playing Wishing Well at a train station, Oslo...

#16.1 Love Is All - Wishing Well from Handheld Shows on Vimeo.

Song :: New Beginnings (demo) by Love Is All

Shouty Swede-accented female vocals can only be a good thing!


Rachel said...

I love that the kids are the only ones who come right up and feel free to just watch and enjoy it. There was a world-renowned violinist (Joshua Bell) who played at a Washington DC train station last year and was surprised by how little response he got, most adults just walking by quickly, not even noticing him. It was the kids who wanted to stop and listen and recognized it was something worth stopping for. So cool.

I would love to stumble upon something like this, and I am pretty sure we would stop to appreciate it, but then again, I know this is also because we aren't usually in a rush to get anywhere. That's another thing that makes this unschooling life so fabulous. And also what makes me sad for all the people who are in such a hurry. (And admittedly, we are SOMETIMES in a hurry, and I don't want to take the time to stop and see whatever it is my kids want to stop and see, and that's when life is not so fun!)

mesmith said...

Yup, the only time I stop, unfortunately, is when I'm with the kids. We're all so suspicious.