Thursday, August 14, 2008

Canada: Number One in Fourth Place Finishes

Hey, I really don’t care if we get shut-out throughout the entire games but it is interesting how the COC’s “own the podium” talk has seemingly shifted to more of a “medal counts are meaningless” stance. What else are they going to say? I feel for the athletes in their time of agonizing defeat, but I can’t see anyone having any sympathy for the red-faced suits trumpeting Vancouver 2010.

Canada rounded out the first week of Olympic competition in a tie for 53rd (ie: last) and trailing the superbly superior (ie: one medal) efforts of the Tajikstanians and Lithuanians. We even got beaten by a muppet..

Video :: Champion by Kanye West


MJ Awesomeness said...

I'm giving you an award. Dontcha feel special? ;)
You can pick it up here:

mesmith said...

i'd like to thank all the little people.
and all the big people.
and all the awesome people...

diana(hahamommy) said...

We had a rousing rendition of O'Canada here last night (skype with 3 Canook kiddoes, Canookiddoes?) and I swear the last line was sung:
"We stand on *God* for thee"
So in the grand scope of things, it's Canada, then God, then Jesus, *then* the mere mortals?
I think we should all sing it that way from now on, it makes me happy to think of Canada standing on God. I don't think S/he minds :D

Kevin said...

Beth, Emma and I have seriously been pulling for every Canadian athlete in each event, but to no avail. I know that the ladies wrestling (which including neither mud nor Jello, unfortunately) featured a Canadian woman who was supposed to win gold. I regretfully inform you that a daughter of one of my coworkers whipped her in the bronze medal match, leaving her in, well, fourth place.

Stupid Americans.

mesmith said...

We're up to 13 medals now... we are a "second week" nation apparently. Watch how we did in the men's triathalon - Canada personified through our hometown boy!