Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Glósóli-leg hún

Here's a newly available live performance... yet more proof that Sigur Rós may very well be the most brilliant band on the planet, or at least the most brilliant band on the planet that continues to upload free, exceedingly lengthy, high quality video clips. Doubters can tune in between the 5 and a half and 7 and a half minute marks where Glósóli reaches its crescendo and Jónsi's perfected, other-worldly vocal melds effortlessly with the smashing wall of noise. This should not be possible:

Video :: Sigur Rós live at MOMA, NYC, June 2008

Looks like Jónsi's mullet's coming in just fine. A new one from them, the excellent Við spilum endalaust (featured in the MoMA clip, beginning at 16:37):
Song :: Við spilum endalaust by Sigur Rós

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Scotty said...

goodness gracious, what a wonderful find. i'm always hearing MoMA adverts on National Public Radio, it was nice to see it used to host such wonderful audio art.

last november i bargained for Sigur Ros tickets upon their return to the west coast. I'm happy to see the eventual day coming.

Mullet side note: Jonsi is, at least partially, visually impaired. it may be that no one has yet informed him that he's quietly growing a mullet.

my word verification puzzle for this post was the word "Fuxzk".