Thursday, August 14, 2008

Left of Centre

Putting aside Swedish uke-n-accordian tunes for a mo...

A smiley summer single from this hip young dude... the video shows Mr. Esser, all retro'd up, having a block party with his fellow Chelmsfordians.

A new single from Mr. Bright Eyes...
Video :: Souled Out!!! by Conor Oberst

Eugene Hütz starred in “Everything is Illuminated” but is really getting a name for himself on the touring circuit through his band Gogol Bordello - a gypsy-themed punk band that has done for gypsy music what The Pogues did for Irish music (bastardized and sped up). Gogol Bordello are a band that "the Scot down the road" will go to any lengths to see live. I can see why...
Video :: Wonderlust King (live) by Gorgol Bordello

Song :: Headlock by Esser
Song :: Souled Out!!! by Conor Oberst
Song :: American Wedding by Gogol Bordello

The Format's Nate has a new band: "Fun". They sound like a cross between The Format (those vocals are just too distinctive) and The Hidden Cameras...
Song :: Benson Hedges by Fun (UPDATED link)

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