Saturday, August 11, 2007

Amassed resentment pelting ounce and pound

BRAND SPANKING NEW VIDEO Turn on Me by the Shins

Caution: middle-aged man in Speedo and other horrors


memet said...

Well, the song was brilliant; the video just distracted from it. But it was pretty bizzarre, and I guess that it what they were going for, I just don't quite get WHY?

mesmith said...

Videos seem to be in a bit of a mianstream lull and any alternative or indie band shelling out the cash these days for a high-priced director to promote a single wants something a little different. I found this video nice and disturbing visually (old lady cleavage) and didn't distract from the song for me because I've heard the song over and over for several months now. I didn't need to see a simple narrative set to the song's lyrics (whatever they're about!?). Didn't need to have that particular ending though.