Sunday, December 30, 2007

Basia Bulat

Hands down The Best Musical Performer to come out of Canada in 2007... Basia Bulat. Certainly eclipses everyone's favorite 1,2,3,4'ing iPod ad singer-songwriter anyway.

Basia Bulat's rookie album, "Oh my darling", is taking a while to get out there - it was released in the Spring, but didn't show up on iTunes until Fall. It still is not available south of the border (release date: February). It is well worth the wait and since I'm useless at describing stuff...

MP3 Snakes and Ladders by Basia Bulat
MP3 In the night by Basia Bulat
MP3 Before I knew by Basia Bulat
MySpace page

She has also finally come out with a video (as basic as it is)... here she is zithering around with some woodland creatures:

VIDEO In the night by Basia Bulat

Oh... and like Feist (and in the name of full sell-out disclosure), she too has her own commercial (VW Eos; "Little Waltz"):

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