Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Robot High School

“Memorize the rules and learn to behave, but when I got to school I forgot. Forgot. So they put me in a special classroom, where everybody is a robot. Robot.”

It’s… the Depeche Mode-a-like, and obviously robot-loving, My Robot Friend (consisting of one member, Howard Robot) with his song, Robot High School: MP3.

The video can be classified, I guess, as strange. But what is strange really? I’m sure we’ve all imagined, at one time or another, dressing up like a Devo reject, cranking up some oversized cylinder and having a levitating black ball crush red-paint filled balloon after red-paint filled balloon.

Evil levitating black ball!

VIDEO Robot High School by My Robot Friend

1 comment:

Schuyler said...

That is the coolest hamster ball I have ever seen. Man that is one cool hamster!