Friday, December 14, 2007

Sticking it to the (Great White Northern) man

You can buy an iPhone in this country but you can’t use it (unless you know how to hack into the thing or if you stand on the beach directly across the strait from Port Angeles’ AT&T signal). As well, Canada (minus Quebec) got TiVo only a few weeks back and Netflix is nowhere near being made available here.

But hold on to your beaver-pelts, earlier this week we were graced with the Canadian release of downloadable television programs from iTunes, something that has long been available south of the border. Here’s a complete listing of available programming, conveniently marketed as “your favourite tv shows”: South Park; Little Mosque on the Prairie (what the hell?); Corner Gas; Degrassi TNG; Drawn Together; The Hills; The Rick Mercer Report; Robson Arms; Dragon's Den; The Sarah Silverman Show; Instant Star, Avatar and… in a fit of overt stereotyping… old hockey games (cleverly repackaged as “Stanley Cup Classics”).

What, the bargain bin had no room for Littlest Hobo?

VIDEO Bob and Doug's May two-four weekend special

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