Monday, February 18, 2008

Boxing Clever

One AM Radio is the work of Los Angeleno Hrishikesh Hirway. Though not particularly well known throughout the Globe (just yet) Hirway already has had one of his songs featured in a car commercial. I don’t think car commercials are the mark of selling-out they once were as, after all, one needs to somehow fund all those gadgets and equipment when you're out on your own. Also, it’s a Pontiac.

The One AM Radio/ Hirway songs seem simple enough on the surface but manage to evoke something quite a bit more (ala Loney, Dear). What I especially like about him are the captivating visual story-lines that accompany many of his songs and bring them to life. There is a video for “Witness” that is pretty interesting and features some late at night kick-ball action. And there is this one for “In The Time We've Got" that surrounds the world of female boxing, but of course is not actually about boxing (boxing is never really about boxing now is it?)...

Video :: In The Time We've Got by The One AM Radio

Song :: In The Time We've Got by The One AM Radio

"When night falls, there's an electricity in the air
on your bare arms that sings of what could be"


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