Monday, February 11, 2008

Re-issue, Re-package

Today is Morrissey CD Release Day. Yes, the Pope of Mope has released a Best Of album... during Valentine’s week!?! Yet another Best Of album that is. This one prominently features his "uninspired" years. Yet he remains a God - go figure?

So don't buy this (cause you already own all the songs). Celebrate the day, instead, with a former band member who still makes Relevant. Music. Shocking!?!

Modest Mouse, featuring ex-Smith Johnny Marr, make great videos and "Invisible" is a sure-fire keeper. And when the video's star, glistening-with-sweat boy, finally drops his little hacky sack... flabby-abed footie wannabes the world over punch their fists in the air with glee (like me!).


diana(hahamommy) said...

THE album is having an anniversary this week... I thought for sure I'd read it here first. Alas, here's a link for you to take a free listen :)
How do you rate albums nowadays without commenting on the "wearing out grooves" on the old fashioned vinyl?
Yes, by 1994 my Album was completely flat and I had to invest in a cassette tape.

mesmith said...

Who is this Jackson fellow you speak of? I had to google him.

The results weren't pretty.