Thursday, February 14, 2008

Moon Baby

Moonbabies, indie starlets from Malmö, have (surprisingly) had a bit of staying power with me... to the extent that I may just buy their CD one day! Their winning formula is their male/female vocal interplay and their ability to write a catchy tune - a product of the ten year union of Carina Johansson and Ola Frick.

Described as dream-pop, primarily I suppose because of their use of “moody” electronics and the way the vocals seem to hover on top of the “expansive” instrumentation, Moonbabies offer up some fairly straight forward tunes that seem to give off just enough quirk to make them intriguing.

"War on Sound" features solid drumming, some nifty bass and Grandaddy-type synths that pop up at the end. The video, complete with weightless ping-ponging and accidental floating in space (never a good thing), is as non-cheesy as a space-themed mini-flick-on-a-budget can be these days.

Video :: War on Sound by Moonbabies

Song :: War on Sound by Moonbabies
Song :: Sun A.M. by Moonbabies

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