Saturday, February 23, 2008

From the "lost bands of the 80’s" files...

Final obscure boxing references of the week... the Jazz Butcher Conspiracy’s “Best Way” contains the Greatest. Sample. Ever. I memorized and subsequently quoted this sample approximately 742 times in my life and I never tire of it. How could you? It’s philosophical, witty and just a darn pleasing/ pretty mantra to base your life on!!???!!

”Just keep punching, that's the thing to do.
Remember the words of the philosopher Ken Morgester, who once said:
"Failure is not falling down, failure is staying down".
And that's a good thought for this day, or any day.
Say, did you ever grab a wishbone and wish that the chicken you had just served had been tastier? Well that won't happen with Waybest chicken. Waybest is so superb you serve it with no regrets, no apologies. When you take a Waybest chicken from the oven golden-brown and mouth-watering to look at, you know it will delight everybody at the table.”

I can, however, be somewhat objective with my quotation love affairs. For example, if I can’t even find one reference to “Ken Morgester” online, just how much should I be listening to this “philosopher”. Also, I once met the Jazz Butcher himself, Pat Fish, and asked him if he ever grew weary of all the Lloyd Cole comparisons. He said no and then laid into Lloyd a bit by saying, bizarrely and incorrectly, that “Eva Marie Saint wasn’t even in “On The Waterfront”” (as referenced in LC and The Commotions' "Rattlesnakes"). On the Waterfront being a movie, of course, about falling down… but not staying down!

Rattlesnakes by Lloyd Cole and The Commotions

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