Friday, June 22, 2007

It's ALL about ME

I'm not a big fan of the chain letter but I can’t ignore the power of the Crystal, so for the sake of self-deprication here's my 8 Things About Me...

1. I used to be in a gang. We wore North Star sneakers and rode bikes with ape-hanger handle bars and oversized banana seats. Actually, that’s not true. I was a wanna-be gang member, a pledge for my brother’s crew. I was either too small or too young (seven) or my seat was too gold and shiny, I’m not sure.
2. I tell people that music started for me with The Smiths, but really it was Rush. YYZ baby!
3. I’m pretty boring (other than the gang thing) - no tattoos, no piercings, never tried any drugs. Though I did once get my hair died blonde (or rather “duck-fluff yellow”) and I got a perm (twice) in my early teens. Sweet.
4. I’m lame and pathetic. Not only did I spout Morrissey lyrics to my future wife during our otherwise successful courting days, I once tried - miserably and unsuccessfully - to get a date with someone over the phone by talking like the immortal Lloyd Dobler in “Say Anything”. Also, Fergus answers to the name “Goose” because in-utero he was Gergus which evolved from Gurgi as in "Gurgi needs crunchings and munchings" (yeah I don't know either - apparently you have to read books to understand this). Anyway, that turned into "Fergus" upon birth which then morphed into Fergoosian which ultimately, in my small, lame, pathetic mind, blossomed into famed former Yankee hurler Rich “Goose” Gossage. Fergus/Goose's proper first name is none of the above.
5. I’m not a SciFi junkie, metal-head or blues lover and I’ve never really played video games (and when I do I suck: hello Xbox car racing; hello “Guitar Hero”) and I despise, though have never seen, American Idol. I am however a RomCom and teen-movie fanatic and my all-time favourite flick is “Some Kind Of Wonderful”.
6. I think I’m a pretty laid back, quiet, kind, unassuming fellow who is working to reduce the competitive fibres in my being, however I lead my soccer team in career “timeouts” where I have to leave the field for 10 minute spans due to either verbally abusing the referee or yelling at/ shoving opponents and usually this is right after someone mumbles “its just for fun” which really riles me and, like, makes me upset and stuff. I play in a co-ed beer league.
7. I, yikes, turn 40 in less than 6 months and I guess I better come to grips with the reality that I may never achieve my life-long goal of becoming a professional soccer player. I also concede that I may never fully understand and appreciate the appeal of NASCAR.
8. I like every kind of food except hazlenuts and can’t figure out why everyone else likes the wretched things. Filberts I like – so don’t tell me they’re the same thing. My wife has trouble sleeping when she’s stressed about money and suchlike but this nut dilemma is exactly the sort of stuff that keeps me up at night.


diana-still-evolving said...

Once upon a 1980-something, I looked remarkably like the Mary Stewart Masterson chickie in Some Kind of Wonderful. And I'da fallen for the Lloyd Dobler schtick for all the same reasons Diane Court did ;)
Thanks for playing along!
P.S. Hayden loves this Pic!! He says we have to find the driver to transfer our video of your GH debut onto the computer - oh the fun to be had!! :)

balloonatikmama said...

I think maybe diana sits at the computer constantly checking for the furrowed-brow-man to post something new. He *just* came downstairs from putting this new one up when diana's comment came through!!

I find this moderately scary, especially as this particular post includes info not even I have been previously privy to. Guess I need to work harder at staying current with his blog in order to keep my deserved hierarchical position!

Hayden, please do figure out how to get that Guitar Hero "debut" on here somehow, because in the pic he looks almost cool. I'm guessing your video footage will be slightly more revealing!

Zenmomma said...

I shall be number 3, behind Gillian and Diana, as an uber fan of the so-not-cool-he's-way-cool

Of course I might just be sucking up to keep myself in current cd mixes and youtube links. But you will never know for sure. BwaHaHa!