Saturday, June 9, 2007

Matt & Kim

Okay, these guys are infectious! Synth player and lead vocalist Matt appears to play with only one hand, the other pumping in the air half the time, and drummer Kim smiles CONSTANTLY. And she's obviously an excellent musician... in one home-made video for an acoustic performance of Yea Yeah, she bangs away at a cardboard box, a plastic dish and some sort of metallic object and never misses a beat - and the beats are fast.

Here's a video to make you SMILE - a food fight that takes an interesting twist near the end! Good stuff for a rainy day.
Yea Yeah Video

If you like (and how could you not like) then you can download Yea Yeah free here.

This is what they look like live - go see them and get sweaty (upcoming: Denver 6.10; Kansas City 6.11; Des Moines 6.12; Chicago 6.14; Oslo 8.8; Kiewet 8.17)!!!

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