Wednesday, June 27, 2007


This Scandinavian nation, more commonly known for producing ABBA and death-metal bands, has had this strange influence on me lately that I can't seem to shake. I guess this place is in the midst of an indie music boom - or else the rest of the world is just now catching on the way it happened for influencial spots like Seattle, Iceland, Montreal, etc in the past. Groups that I've discovered this year include the Teddybears, I'm From Barcelona, Peter Bjorn and John, Loney Dear, The Field and The Knife. And now here come the Moonbabies with this poppy piece of sugary sunshine:

MP3 Sun A.M. by Moonbabies
DiY VIDEO Sun A.M. by Moonbabies

Further conspiracy proof: yesterday I got home to find that our local Swede-up-the-street (everyone should have one) has lent us her 4 DVD set of Pippi Longstocking in true stereotypical fashion not unlike a Canadian lending a Swede a pound of back-bacon. But I’m sorry, I have little good to say about this. We’re big Astrid Lindgren fans around here but really, is there any more punishing form of entertainment that those early 70’s Pippi movies with the half-assed English dub track? But everyone else around here likes it so perhaps its just me?!?

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