Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Awkward Stage

The niftiest album cover I've seen in a while...

You can hear the quite acceptable "the morons are winning" here. The guy's day job is, apparently, burning dead people.

My "awkward stage" lasted from grade 8 through 12. I was BMOC in elementary. Or at least I thought so... I had the confidence then that suddenly went AWOL in my high school years as puberty wanted nothing to do with me. My wife has this unwavering perception that I was a geek back then but it's not like I was super smart, into math or a member of the table tennis team or anything. I was simply anonymous. And incredibly small. It didn't really bother me at the time. Here's me in a high school soccer team photo - I am, of course, the smiley wee fella at front left (and my brother's the wavy/parted hair sporting dude directly behind me).

Plaid was big in 1980 (man, that guy two over from me, Renato Uliana, was like a giant in comparison!). It would be more telling to show a picture of my "B" boys basketball team but I intentionally skipped the photo shoot that day. I did have some pride. My one-size-fits-all basketball tank top had arm holes so disproportionate to my skinny limbs that I could literally tuck those arm holes into my waistband. I was very talented.

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balloonatikmama said...

Really you were too sweet looking to ever truly fall into the geek category.
But it does amuse me to think I fell in love with this huge tall sporty stylish cool dude only to find out the true origins later!
I deserved that for my pride. I am so lucky to have found you.
And you could have been on the table tennis team, you are one mean ping pong player!
With love,
your wife