Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I got tired of being sexy

This is Zico - famous Brazilian (sweaty) footballer. He has nothing to do with this post other than he's Brazilian... I have always been a fan of Brazilian, non-Samba-oriented, electro-pop bands fronted by elfin Bjork-like creatures named Lovefoxxx. Well, no actually. But CSS (Cansei de Ser Sexy - English translation in this post's title) have hooked my interest. A second band from Brazil to blip my radar screen in the past few months? What the heck-fire is going on here? I used to live such a simple life, sifting through one British band after another (with the occasional Aussie and American band thrown in there to "keep it real").

CSS are, from what I've read, the next big thing (ie: avoid!) and the current darlings of the european festival circuit who lit Glastonbury on fire a couple weeks back. Having affections, even as unformed as they are at the moment, for a band with "sexy" in its title harkens me back, uncomfortably, to my late 80's clubbing days when it was all "pump up the volume", "busta move" and various dance mixes of "iko iko". Eew!

The immediately infectious (maybe!?!) "Let's make love and listen to Death from Above":

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diana-still-evolving said...

I tell ya, all you gotta do to sell me music, is show me pictures of sweaty sexy Brazilian men -- Oh yeah! Great marketing gimmick!