Friday, July 13, 2007

Limited Time Offer

There's this band called The Format, who I had never of before, and they are giving away their most recent album for free to mark the one year anniversary of its release. Upon initial review I didn't expect to like it given that its fairly straight forward and the vocals are quite front and center in the mix, but its kinda sticking so far. In fact, I'm loving it! Sort of Squeeze-esque, maybe? Neutral Milk Hotel?? Anyway, worth checking out (I'm especially fond of Time Bomb). And hey, they quote Prefab Sprout in one of their songs so they can't be all that un-cool.

Preview The Format via their fun-filled "handy" video for the excellent "Dog Problems" single here

Download the album "Dog Problems" by The Format here
Hurry. Offer expires July 16th!

So why do bands give their music away for free? Good question. Promotion mainly. But, as with most things, the more popular and best-selling artists - the ones with huge record labels behind them - don't give anything away for free. A group like The Format own their own material, which is rare but increasingly the way to go, and therefore can do what they want with it. Apparently they are not sure if giving away an entire cd for free is a clever idea or not - but good for them nonetheless.

When it comes to music, I used to be Sir Buy-A-CD-A-Lot. But now that there are so many new and free (legal) songs out there, even when I do hear something I like it takes quite a bit to push me over the edge to buy the entire album. And even then its the online version. Now... what to do with all the cd drawers we had built into our house? More movies of course. The DVD creep continues.

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