Thursday, July 19, 2007

Boy with a coin

My worlds are aligning... the fabulous, if not a bit too sedated, Iron and Wine (aka Sam Beam, aka of "naked as we come" fame) just released this gem for free download from his upcoming album:
MP3 Boy with a coin by Iron and Wine

The event occcurred on the exact same day that our boy found himself with a coin, two actually, in rather unorthodox places. I shall not go into details but will reveal that we have two freshly washed, shiny pennies hanging out in our kitchen at the moment ready to go back into proper circulation.


Anonymous said...

Iron and Wine
"the Shepherd Dog"

Schuyler said...

Linnaea swallowed a geo-mag ball not too long ago. David was The Man and fished it out of the bowl, it would not flush. It's all black now, her stomach acid must have eaten away all the chrome coating.