Thursday, July 19, 2007

You'll bop your head right off

I'm a total sucker for unique, synthed-up, dancey tracks. Add some female vocals and hand claps and its a sure-fire hit in my books. Here's the next big thing (surely!) - keyboards n' harmonies all-girl trio Au Revoir Simone coyly nodding their heads while baking delicious-looking cookies and grooving in a dance-contest in the infectious "sad song"...

VIDEO Sad Song by Au Revoir Simone

Free tune:
MP3 Through the backyards by Au Revoir Simone

And lest one were to think me ageist when it comes to women in tight leggings... here's Ben Kweller's grandma jazzercising to his "penny on the train track" song:

VIDEO Penny on the train track by Ben Kweller

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