Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Becks hits America

When I was wee, I not only dreamed of becoming a soccer star, but a soccer star of such mega proportions that any team lucky enough to acquire my services would immediately - mid-season no less - switch its team colours, logo and uniform to that of my sponsor’s specifications if said colours, logo and uniform did not match my posh wife’s handbag during her nightly trips up and down Hollywood’s finest red carpets.

New (styling)

Old (not so styling)


diana-still-evolving said...

Nothing says "Welcome to America" like full indoctrination into our wastefulness. I hope the old uniforms went to clothe some less-fortunate fubol players. Probably not in America though. We only play football with our hands. :)

DaikiniCrossroads ~Crystal~ said...

That's all I've heard about this week...'The Yummy Becks have come to town!' BG