Monday, October 15, 2007

JBJ Punched

The FiL and I had a long chinwag recently on all things Jon Bon Jovi. Actually, it was a pretty short discussion… “Who is this Jon Bon Jovi guy anyway?” he says to me. “Are you frickin serious?” I retorted (or kinder, less-mocking words to that effect). But I thought, how can this guy not know who Jon Bon Jovi is? Where exactly was he when, as I excitedly pointed out to him, his daughters virtually built a shrine to “Bon Bon Bovi” during their formative (and JBJ’s big haired) years?

On an unrelated note - Andy Samberg from SNL shows us what its like to punch Jon Bon Jovi in the face in the middle of this, not silly in the least, clip. Resilient bastard!

“Shot through the heart/ And you’re to blame/ You give love a bad name”
Words to live by (right up there with “cuts like a knife/ but it feels so right”)


diana-still-evolving said...

I recently spoke with some Jersey chicks who have a birthday party for Jon, every year, still.
I'm sure he's grateful!

Kevin said...

I'm using this video as a template for a new corporate video for my company, who is on the brink of laying off 500+ people. Our CEO could run up and punch employees as soon as they receive a pink slip. Then, the CEO can break into a happy dance with Brett Michaels, or some other 80s hair band front man.

mesmith said...

"Bret Michaels"?? I had to use Google to get this glam-metal reference. You win - you're more 80's than me.

Kevin said...

Them's fighting words!