Sunday, October 14, 2007

Naked as we came

Try driving through a couple of (wo)maned ticket wickets with your buck-naked 4 year old son sat behind you with the car seat strap attempting to act as a poor shield for his exposed bits.

Try peeing your buck-naked 4 year old son at the side of a major road and not get the requisite "oh my" from a startled passer-by.

Try peeing your desperate, bladder-filled 4 year old onto your car's tire just prior to disembarking the packed ferry while your husband blithely rejects the request to act as a human shield, pretending he doesn't know who those people squatting and shooting urine at his tire are.

Try going with the flow and joining said four year old in all his glorious, public display of birthday-suitedness. Go ahead, try it. I haven't. Its cold outside.

Choose Life. Choose Public Nakedness
Perhaps you already have!

VIDEO Naked Gay Ted

VIDEO Naked as we came (live) by Iron and WIne (and his sister)

1 comment:

diana-still-evolving said...

I'll stand in shield with ya. I get to giggle.