Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Go! Team

A lot of time has passed since 1989 and I truly believe that the world is now finally ready once again for a fly-girl to stand up and proclaim, in song, “party people in the house get ready for this”.

The Go! Team and their new album “Proof of Youth” deserve some serious attention. They produce some of the most expansive, energetic, cheeriest songs of our time. The music is bombastic. Their cheerleading vocals are delivered as double-dutch skipping chants. And, of course, there’s Miss Pac-Man.

Slap on* a Go! Team single and you’re immediately hit with an onslaught of simultaneous noises comprised of blasting marching-band-style horns, churning drums, feverish guitars, innovative sampling and other "sounds of inexplicable origin"(TM). While all this is happening in the foreground, somewhere in the mix a constant barrage of raps start flying at you, vocals that you have to squint your ears up to hear properly. And in this context that’s a good thing.

This is not a cacophony. This is fast paced/ full-throttle bliss. This is 70’s p-funk soundtracking television-show theme tunes from the 80’s! A spin through the Go! Team may be exhausting but it can also be an exuberant electro bubblegum hip-hop experience worthy of a sunny autumn day. So c’mon sun - we’re waiting for you.

*sounds slightly cooler than “Click your mouse on”

The Go! Team MySpace

MP3 Doing it Right by The Go! Team
MP3 Huddle Formation by The Go! Team

VIDEO Doing it Right by The Go! Team

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