Saturday, September 1, 2007

Pack! Man

Supposed to be packing. Instead I'm shirking by watching a live-action Ms. Pac-Man hopscotch her way around town in a desperate attempt to deceive them ghosts... this from my new favorite English band of the past month - the double-dutch spouting, dual-drummer sporting The Go! Team:

VIDEO Ms Pacman by The Go! Team

This is what The Go! Team look like live... what a party!
VIDEO Grip like a vice by The Go! Team


K. said...

Okay, live-action Ms. Pac-Man made me IMMENSELY happy. Up until the end. :P

Zenmomma said...

Hey I'm shirking too! Only I'm doing it by reading blogs like yours and Kelly's AND THEN watching live Ms.Pac-Man.

See you soon!