Thursday, September 20, 2007

George's filthy lucre

For the first time since I was 8 years old, $1 Canadian now equals $1 US!!!

Back in 2002, one year into Bush’s presidency, a $7.00 Challah bread French Toast from Sunnyside Up in Corvallis, OR (for example) would have cost me, Johnny Canuck, $9.80! Add to that the fact Oregon has no sales tax (our provincial and federal taxes total 13%) and I see a nice slab of oh-my-god brownie sidling up to that much anticipated French Toast when we’re next down Corvallis way…

in a little over a month!!!
For this... yeah!

This time we're definitely going beyond the city limits and actually into Corvallis!

Did I just scare a bunch of American friends away from visiting us? Have I mentioned that Bush is not, in any way, our leader?


Scotty said...

oh, we'll visit. need to acquire passports for D and the Boy, but, then it's on. each time i've been into your fair nation, i've enjoyed myself thoroughly. Gimli, Manitoba. Toronto. Ottawa. Montreal. all fair places with wonderful and welcoming people.
and, your train service is by far the best i've ever used. the 1st class ride throughout the east coast is burned on my memory. i can't wait to amtrak it up to B.C!

mesmith said...

yeah, we'll drink beer, down some maple syrup-soaked back bacon and trade some beaver pelts... while watching that sigur ros movie!!!

Zenmomma said...

Cool! Can we come too? I'll bring the French toast.