Friday, September 21, 2007

Sick down to my heart

Worlds collided this week upon hearing The Killers cover of Morrissey's "why don't you find out for yourself". In the hurly burly world of mp3 downloads it is no longer available for sharing. The original's better anyway.

LIVE VIDEO Why don't you find out for yourself by Morrissey (1996)

No one has a more complete arsenal of on-stage poses than Mozzer:

"Don't rake up my mistakes; I know exactly what they are; And... what do you do?; Well, you just sit there; I've been stabbed in the back; So many many times; I don't have any skin; But that's just the way it goes."


Kevin said...

Someone has a man crush on Morrissey! I can understand that, though, with his slightly retreating yet manly hair. Jutting chin. The way he plays with his nipple during the video.

I feel the same way about Don Mattingly.

mesmith said...

All those years of therapy sessions and you manage to break it all down in one paragraph.