Thursday, September 27, 2007

The smell gets in your hair and your clothes

"Kids Aflame" by Arms (I am indeed compiling a list of the most unfortunate band names ever) has that Magnetic Fields pace going on - mainly due to the prominence of the ukulele, though the vocals are a little less baritone and a little more nasal than Stephin Merritt and co. The beautifully shot video for Kids Aflame mirrors the song's lyric of heartbreak and revolves around an ever so brief playground fling between a stalking, starving and rather scruffy Sasquatch (perhaps there aren't any unscruffy Sasquatches but this one is particularly shabby) and a young, possibly teenaged, girl. Uh-huh, its Animal Collective's Peacebone vid, with that alien love thing, all over again. Near the end of the song, about the time the glorious hand claps, backing vox and finger snaps get into gear, the video does degenerate artistically a wee bit with the pipe-clad, rifle-toting father doing his well-trodden bit for the "betterment" of mankind. Of course, these things never end well...

VIDEO Kids Aflame by Arms

MP3 Kids Aflame by Arms

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