Monday, September 10, 2007

Melody Day y'all

Currently I am in what I guess is described as the "southern states". I think bluegrass gospel music is featured prominently round these parts. In honour of that, here's a video by Caribou - Canadian Dan Snaith's Brit-influenced electro-alternative band... I haven't been able to get "Melody Day" outta my head for a while. The intriguing video is like a Depeche Mode/ U2/ Aha video all in one. Those bands, I'm pretty sure, didn't feature a tethered drummer however.

VIDEO Melody Day by Caribou

MP3 YoYo by Caribou (from new album Andorra as well)


Kevin said...

These southern states make me wonder why the Appalachian mandolin never truly made its mark on the 80's pop scene. Imagine Right Said Fred or Boy George mixing in a good lick from a mouth harp or giving a jug a hearty blow. The Pet Shop Boys lacked just a little something...maybe a banjo remix running loops of Arkansas Traveler?

mesmith said...

With my Appalachian jaw harp and your computer savy I feel the next big electro-hillbilly duo is mere months away from worldwide stardom.