Monday, September 24, 2007

80's Stereotypes

It doesn't matter how futile some music is at standing the test of time... if its soaked into you originally then its there to stay. That sounds really dorky. Anyway... witness these three songs that still get my goosebumps forming despite the gratuitous guitar solos et al. Unfortunately, 80's videos have very few redeeming qualities...

I don't think anyone outside of Western Canada has ever heard 80's and 90's "sensations" the Northern Pikes - what a loss I say. However, in this video for the anthem "Teenland", the lead singer alone commits at least 48 acts of 80's stereotyping (eg: tighty whitey muscle shirt and yee ol' finger snap while doing the "skip dance"). And... was it ever cool for drummers to wear gloves? HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! A MUST SEE!!!
VIDEO Teenland by The Northern Pikes

Oh it was cool at the time, but seeing Feargal Undertone now with not one but two female drummers just speaks of "I trust neither one of you alone". But look at that hair on dear Feargal would ya! Someone should really be asking my wife how she could possibly have vetoed the name Feargal during all those baby naming conversations.
VIDEO A good heart by Feargal Sharkey

Cock Robin: I've tried the album and hereby verify... one-hit-wonders. Great song. Great lyrics. But what the heck is with those outlandish gesticulations on the part of the singer? Bonus 80's stereotype: bolder posing! I think I preferred the gloved drummer!
VIDEO When your heart is weak by Cock Robin

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