Sunday, September 16, 2007

We Throw Parties (newish music roundup)

Shout Out Louds

Their videos are kinda lame and they tend to wear poorly matching uniforms when performing live, but they're from Sweden so that pretty much guarantees a catchy pop tune or two these days. Here's The Cure-esque:
MP3 Tonight I have to Leave it

Loch Lomond (from Portland, not Scotland)

"Tic" kinda propels along like a sea shanty... the video integrates live action with animation but lacks anything all that interesting going on... "bearing down"...
VIDEO Tic by Loch Lomond

Los Campesinos (from Wales, not someplace where they use "Los" a lot)

Where would this song be without that female-vocal sung chorus?... Not here anyways... The animated video shows, I think, that disco beats war everytime... cool!
VIDEO We Throw Parties, You Throw Knives by Los Campesinos

"But it sounded like he’d broken a limb each and every time he pushed the key down or in"

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